Account Information v1

This API is used to get account information, such as transactions and balances, about customers' payment accounts, including credit card accounts. The PSU must have given consent to the TPP to fetch the information. The consent is a global consent that grants access to all available payment accounts of the PSU. When the PSU is not present, exclude the PSU-IP-Address in order to retrieve account balances and transactions (to a maximum of 4 times per day)

The following operations are available in Live: GET **[Get a list of accounts]** /openbanking/ais/v1/accounts GET **[Get account details]** /openbanking/ais/v1/accounts/{account-id} GET **[Get account balances]** /openbanking/ais/v1/accounts/{account-id}/balances GET **[Get account transactions]** /openbanking/ais/v1/accounts/{account-id}/transactions

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