Payment Initiation v2

This API is used to initiate and authorise BG/PG payments and account transfers, both domestic and international transfers. Payments and transfers can be signed individually, or together by using the signed basket functionality. You can also check payment details and payment status with this API.

The following operations are now available in Live: ? GET **[Get account numbers]** /openbanking/pis/v2/payments/accountnumbers ? POST **[Create signing basket]** /openbanking/pis/v2/signing-baskets ? GET **[Get signing basket details]** /openbanking/pis/v2/signing-baskets/{basketId} ? POST **[Start signing basket authorisation flow]** /openbanking/pis/v2/signing-baskets/{basketId}/authorisations ? POST **[Initiate domestic credit transfer]** /openbanking/pis/v2/payments/domestic-credit-transfers ? GET **[Get payment or transfer details]** /openbanking/pis/v2/payments/{paymentId} ? POST **[Initiate a BG/PG payment]** /openbanking/pis/v2/payments/domestic-giros ? DELETE **[Cancel payment or transfer]** /openbanking/pis/v2/payments/{payment-id}

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